Basic html commands and coding practices

Note: for the purposes of demonstration, all commands are shown here with spaces between the brackets. This is for the sole purpose that a web browser does NOT misinterpret text for commands.
Therefore, if you are typing the command, remove any spaces so that the brackets are immediately followed and preceded by your command.

Alright, that said, let’s get to it.

All text must live between the “< html >” and “< /html >” symbols.

It is good practice to always close a command at the same time that you open it. This helps to lower the instances of code errors.
For example:
If you wanted to bold some text, good practice would dictate that you start by typing < b > followed immediately by < /b > then move your cursor back to between the open and close command, to begin your typing.
i.e. < b > < /b > would appear first, then you would place the cursor between the > and < symbols and begin typing. This will give you the following result:
this is a line of bolded text.

Hint: A good way to learn how something is done on a page that you like is to choose the source option on the view menu in internet explorer. Keep in mind that this won’t always work. If the page is php, asp, or if the author has tried to hide the source in another way, you may not see what you are expecting to see. Also remember that if the page you are viewing uses frames, you will need to click somewhere in the frame that you are interested in, then right-click and choose “view source” Please always respect another person’s work. Just because you can see the source for a person’s page, does not mean that you should copy it and use it as your own.

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