Basic HTML – Pt. 1 – html format

The basic layout of an HTML page is as follows:

1. < html >

2. < body bgcolor=”#F4F4F4″ text=”#333366″ link=”#333366″ vlink=”#333366″ alink=”#888888″ >

3. < font face=”arial” >

4. < h1 > Title Here< /h1 >

5. Text on your Webpage
6. < /font >

7. < /body >

8. < /html >

Note: The numbers along the left side of the screen are of clarity only. They cannot be used this way in an html file.

1. the <html> tag tells the webserver that this file resides on, that it is html code that is found below. This is so that the webserver knows how to deal with it. All text must live between the “<html>” and “</html>” symbols to appear on an html webpage.

2. this line sets the background color, the text color, and link colors. link is for the color that it will appear to be on the page, vlink is the color if you have visited this ink already, and alink is the color of the link if you hover your mouse over it. This line is also identifying the beginning of the “body” of the document.

3. Here we are setting the default font used for the document. We can change this later if we want to change the font for certain parts of our document. Note: It is a good idea here to make sure that you use a font that is commonly available on most people’s computers, or you may find that your page does not display as expected.

4. H1 and H2 tags etc are used to denote “headings”. This is how the first couple of lines of a webpage will be bolded and usually larger text than the rest of the text on the page.

5. Here you would place the text that you wanted on your webpage.

6. On this line we are closing the font tag that we opened line 3. This means that any font settings that we created on line 3 will now stop. In this case, since it’s the end of the document, this is no problem. There are concerns that we would have and will address later if this were a change midpage.

7. Here we are ending the body of the document.

8. This is the end of our html document, and often will be the end of the document altogether. Sometimes however things such as java will appear after this line.

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