How To: Create a brochure in Ms Word XP

In Word, click on the File Menu and then “New”

On the right side of the screen, you will see a new menu show up. In this menu, choose “General Templates…” from the “New from Template” area.

In the templates window, click on the “Publications” tab, and choose “brochure”

At this point word may tell you that it is installing the template, and ask for your original install disk. Put the Microsoft Office XP disk in your CD drive, and click “OK”

Note: It will only ask this the first time you try to access this screen (as long as you put your cd in the drive and complete this task). Once installed, it won’t ask anymore.

When the document appears on the screen, it will have a bunch of information in it about how to customize the document. You can print this out if you want, so that you have it for reference. Then you can replace the information there with your own information.

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