Company Profile

Storm’s Eye Computer Consultants is a privately held consulting company that specializes in computer training and the design and implementation of computer systems and computer networks.

Storm’s Eye is a home-based business that delivers services in the client’s home, office or our office.

The company’s strengths include a focus on customer satisfaction and communication with the client. On the training side, we emphasize empowerment, productivity, adaptability, and ingenuity.

Storm’s Eye brings more than 15 years of experience to the company. During those years, we have occupied positions of software testing, software development, technical support, network support, systems administration, training and business analysis.

Storm’s Eye offers the following services: Personalized and/or group training, technical business analysis, computer repair, consultation for purchase and installation of new systems, networking solutions, install and upgrade of hardware, software or operating systems, troubleshooting and analysis, maintenance and optimization, viruses and “spyware” removed, contract work.

Storm’s Eye works hard at instilling an attitude of confidence, and reliability. Drawing on past experiences, Storm’s Eye has a policy of hard work and respectful behaviour. It is the goal of the company to be a good citizen at all times.

Through experience and research in the industry, Storm’s Eye has repeatedly heard about or met persons left intimidated and frustrated by the “geek speak” (Technical terminology used within the industry.), acronyms and technology itself. As such, we have identified a very real need for knowledgeable training and good honest computer and network setup with an emphasis on communication and experience.

Storm’s Eye emphasizes a powerful learning environment. Through knowledge, a comfortable, adaptable learning environment, and a non-intimidating atmosphere, empowered people emerge. The same holds true in consultation. By keeping the customer in the loop, educated and informed, a lasting professional relationship is formed.

Storm”s Eye believes that training provides the instructor a the valuable opportunity to empower their students,  helping them to feel proficient and capable. This responsibility and opportunity seems to be largely overlooked in the industry.

By re-introducing the human element into consulting and training, Storm’s Eye intends become a contender in the market. Develop a plan of action, with milestones, and stick with it. Develop a set schedule for service and upgrade that suits the customer’s needs. Make the technology a utility for them, not the hassle that many perceive it to be now.

While doing research into the industry, Storm’s Eye has determined that many people have been intimidated by “techs” because they don’t understand what is being told to them. This intimidation has lead to mistrust in the industry. There is a perceived “language barrier”. Storm’s Eye is prepared to breakdown this barrier. Our goal is to empower clients, and to rebuild the trust relationship between consultant and client.

Storm’s Eye’s Philosophy is to provide the best service possible. This incorporates knowledge, customer service, communication, customer empowerment, and technical skills.

Storm’s Eye’s hours are Monday to Friday until 6pm, or by appointment only after 6pm and weekends.