Personalized training
Computer repair
Consultation for purchase of new systems
Systems built – Some older systems also available for tight budgets
Install, upgrade and repair of hardware, software or operating systems
Troubleshooting and analysis
Maintenance and optimization
Viruses and “spyware” removed


Basic Windows
Windows: Level 1
Windows: Level 2
Introduction to Linux
Microsoft Word: Level 1
Microsoft Word: Level 2
Microsoft Excel: Level 1
Microsoft Excel: Level 2
Introduction to Digital Imaging using Photoshop Elements.


Basic Windows
° For all versions of Windows, Win7 and up
° How to use menus, icons, and manipulate files
° Mousing skills, and terminology
° Intended for the absolute beginner

Windows: Level 1
° The basics
° How to navigate the new interface
° How to install software
° How to make Windows friendlier to your needs

Windows: Level 2
° Keeping your computer healthy and using it more effectively
° Becoming a Windows power user

Introduction to Linux (based on Ubuntu):
° How to log in and out
° How to navigate the graphical interface
° How to navigate the file system
° Man pages – Your best friend
° Edit files using vi
° What to do with a “bash prompt”
° Browse the internet
° Send and receive emails using evolution
° All students will leave with a CD-Rom live distribution of Linux.

Microsoft Word: Level 1
° Navigating, Formatting
° Writing letters
° Headers and footers, templates
° Shortcuts for better productivity, etc.

Microsoft Word: Level 2
° Mail merges
° Tables
° Importing from other applications
° Word Art and other graphics
° Labels and Envelopes

Microsoft Excel: Level 1
° Navigating
° Formulas
° Charts and graphs.
° Shortcuts for better productivity

Microsoft Excel: Level 2
° Advanced Excel formulas, multi-page formulas
° More charts and graphs

Introduction to the Internet:
° How to surf safely
° How to find what you’re looking for
° Multimedia on the Internet
° How to use email
° “Emoticons”, acronyms, and etiquette commonly used on the Internet

Introduction to Digital Imaging using Photoshop Elements.
° How to edit your pictures.
° Color correction, removing red-eye and other photo adjustments
° Create photo effects
° Bring your own photos on disk.

Variations on the above themes can be done as well.

Windows: Level 2 may become two classes depending on how much demand there is.

All courses include will handouts that participants can take home for future reference.